3079 Universal Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario,
L4X 2E2, Canada
Phone: 905-624-6959
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The success and stability of a company over the long term, is based on it adapting easily to the continual changing needs of its customers. With over 60 years in the transportation industry,

Collins & Greig have recognized the importance of being highly diversified and have used industry foresight to adapt to a constant changing market, by offering a versatile portfolio of ancillary services including warehousing, inventory management and distribution.

Warehouse 1

Warehousing & Inventory Management:

Collins & Greig has more than 30,000 square feet of household and commercial storage needs, with 24- hour security monitoring. Our warehousing units are ideal for mattresses, appliances and new products direct from the manufacturer. We also offer containerized and climate controlled storage facilities and offer inventory control services when necessary.


Collins & Greig works with several manufacturers and offers them ‘last mile’ delivery service. We also specialize in home delivery of furniture and other large items and can receive goods and deliver them on an ‘as-need’ basis, from our warehouse facilities.

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